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pixelated, striped, plain. mine's dotted. whats yours?

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August.. and i'm not done yet!
Photo spam... My recent favorite way of putting happy stuff together :)

A surprisingly fun clubbing night heh! Bday of a long lost sec sch pal...!

AHhahahhaa National day celebration where everyone just seemed to be in their own funny little world.

Windy and chillout night at Coastes!


Dinner date with sis!

My dear dear cousin's bday :)

Having egg agar agar that my auntie made!

Attending the proposal of a dear friend :)

My first proper pic with Amanda :)))

Super duper packed BC bash!

Very impromptu and full and satisfying Crystal Jade Steamboat buffet with FREEFLOW XLB!

Taking pictures with the bin wins us free drinks!

Wala with too many free drinks!

Finally a date with the sick boyf.

A sunflower from him :)

Settled my nutella milkshake craze!

Handburger dory fish batter is the best!

A disco view from KBOX marina.

So the fangirl in me couldn't resist and bought his album...

This very lazy and posey cat on the way home..

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So many events! Speaking of which, I wanna ask you something about your new company too haha! Chat online!

I totally can't wait to go for the steamboat again!! Send me that day's pix please babe! Thanks!

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