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Before i start sharing my Hong Kong experiences, I must say that it was certainly an experience traveling on the MTR with our luggages and walking through the stations and up the stairs!

Typical sights in HK (Day 1)

Signboards and shophouses!

Amazing shopping buildings like these, looking small on the outside, but definitely not small on the inside!

Taking random mirror shots everywhere!

Cute useless knick knacks...

The only cat we saw, making itself comfortable on top of many magazines!

Signboard galore in Mongkok!

Totally overdosed on mangoes.. hahha..

Amazing soup stuff which comes in a set!
There's so much stuff inside, fishballs, slices of meat, bean sprouts, veggies and the soup base was amazing...!!!!!!!!!!
Set meals are everywhere!!!!!!!

Hustle and bustle of the streets even at 12+ in the morning!
Perfect for crazy travelers like En & me who spends most of our time out, walking and exploring!!!

Too many photos as usual! Waiting for En to send me his!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh... HK was more fab than i thought it would be! The people are friendly, fashion is hip, stores open till late, public transport is very much like SG's and it's very cheap, also available till late, you will never go hungry, plus there is always something to do at any time of the day!

More of HK in the upcoming posts!
Tags: holidays, love, travel
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