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pixelated, striped, plain. mine's dotted. whats yours?

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En's 27th!

Surprise place for En's birthday brunch!
Love the clean and very white feel of the place, feels like a holiday!
The food was great and very value for money! Heh. Looks really good and tastes good too :)
Just look at how cute and miniature the dessert was!
Had a great and lazy time there, before we headed to the museum to check out the Cats Photo exhibition..

Which was too small...
But we had our own fun hahaha..
In love with the color accent and nostalgia mode on my S90! Lol!

Happy birthday baby :)))

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You guys! Such a cute couple! Happy bday, your En!

thanks for the compliment and bday wish for En :)

love your couple post, as always! :D

i didn't have a good mealtime at mykii!
you made the food smile, so cute!

why didn't you?

the service was great that day when we went!

ya! i found those brushes, too cute! lol

the pancake damn sexy man!!!... happy bday ming!! :D

glad you like the food porn. hahaa

everything is this post is so pretty =)

sara shd count how many collages u have done these years too. definitely surpasses mine! LOLX

yes so pretty right! lol!

i think.. sara is not so free lah lol!

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