Brand new stuff for sale!

My wardrobe is bursting! All these stuff are brand new (impulse buys) and i hope they find new owners!

UPDATED 24 JAN 2011!

New items:  
Nicolethen British Hong Kong Coat (vintage)
Pearlavish Unique button back workdress
HVV Bejewelled Shoulder dress in black
Modparade Lock to my heart pinstriped pants
Lolliepopbestie ava ruche grey panel dress
Pinstriped Sailor Shirt dress


Prices range from $15-$38, inclusive of postage!

A rare vintage piece from Nicolethen.
It's 15" across shoulders, 19" down. It's fab, casual & quirky for CNY, and it will look great with denim shorts or a black flouncy skirt!
Selling for $36 with meet up or $37.50 with postage.

BN HVV Bejewelled Shoulder Dress in black
Made of extremely good quality cotton!
Keyhole opening
Inner lining: non-sheer! Side zip; button-clasp closure
Measurement: Across: 14.5" - 19"
Down: 31.5"

Selling at $22. 


BN BC Pinstriped Sailor Shirt dress
CREDITS: BC WebsiteCollapse )

Muay thai...

Almost 3 months into Muay thai... i love it!

The only downside is... i am getting crazy bruises on my legs.. but other then that i feel so much happier with my workouts :D

Core feels stronger, arms toner but my knees are paining cos they are bruised. LOL..

Any home remedies for bruises to share? :D


I want to:
- eat wanton Mee
- run with my new shoes
- sleep in
- travel
- celebrate my bday w my lovely people! Maybe a themed party LOL
- have a lovely Xmas
- bring my parents out
- have a blast till end of 2010!


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August.. and i'm not done yet!

Photo spam... My recent favorite way of putting happy stuff together :)

A surprisingly fun clubbing night heh! Bday of a long lost sec sch pal...!

AHhahahhaa National day celebration where everyone just seemed to be in their own funny little world.

Windy and chillout night at Coastes!


Dinner date with sis!

My dear dear cousin's bday :)

Having egg agar agar that my auntie made!

Attending the proposal of a dear friend :)

My first proper pic with Amanda :)))

Super duper packed BC bash!

Very impromptu and full and satisfying Crystal Jade Steamboat buffet with FREEFLOW XLB!

Taking pictures with the bin wins us free drinks!

Wala with too many free drinks!

Finally a date with the sick boyf.

A sunflower from him :)

Settled my nutella milkshake craze!

Handburger dory fish batter is the best!

A disco view from KBOX marina.

So the fangirl in me couldn't resist and bought his album...

This very lazy and posey cat on the way home..

ALT at Heeren.

Went to explore the new lifestyle concept store ALT at Heeren. It's a store with tons of make up, toiletries, cute stuff and lots of interesting what nots. The clothes were not so interesting tho.

Needed to insert a random picture of us cos i like my outfit today. Especially those HK pants which i'm loving to death cos it's so damn comfy!

They have pretty cute stuff and useless stuff... like these..

LOL! Go visit if you haven't!
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Before i start sharing my Hong Kong experiences, I must say that it was certainly an experience traveling on the MTR with our luggages and walking through the stations and up the stairs!

Typical sights in HK (Day 1)

Signboards and shophouses!

Amazing shopping buildings like these, looking small on the outside, but definitely not small on the inside!

Taking random mirror shots everywhere!

Cute useless knick knacks...

The only cat we saw, making itself comfortable on top of many magazines!

Signboard galore in Mongkok!

Totally overdosed on mangoes.. hahha..

Amazing soup stuff which comes in a set!
There's so much stuff inside, fishballs, slices of meat, bean sprouts, veggies and the soup base was amazing...!!!!!!!!!!
Set meals are everywhere!!!!!!!

Hustle and bustle of the streets even at 12+ in the morning!
Perfect for crazy travelers like En & me who spends most of our time out, walking and exploring!!!

Too many photos as usual! Waiting for En to send me his!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh... HK was more fab than i thought it would be! The people are friendly, fashion is hip, stores open till late, public transport is very much like SG's and it's very cheap, also available till late, you will never go hungry, plus there is always something to do at any time of the day!

More of HK in the upcoming posts!

My first ever beauty post! LOL.

Inspired to share these with you guys after watching Kevin 老师 yesterday:

1. Apply all skincare from bottom to top motion.
2. Spend more time massaging and applying moisturiser on your face at night because that is when the skin is at the most relaxed and can absorb the most goodness! End off your face massage by placing your palms by the sides of your face, forming a V shape, and lightly press your thumbs behind your ear lobes, apparently this helps skin detoxification, if done consistently.
3. Use an exfoliator 2-3 times/wk if you have oily skin, 1-2 times if you have combi skin, once/2 weeks if you have dry skin.
4. Spend more time removing your makeup at the end of the day to make sure your pores are thoroughly clean.
5. Use a makeup remover even though you did not use makeup as there are a lot of environmental factors e.g. exhaust from buses, cars which may cause clogged pores.

1. He noticed that crazy thick black eyeliner is super popular among the Singaporean girls (I'm also a fan of that.. haha) and he said that it hid their pretty double eyelids. He said that girls should emphasize on curling their lashes close to their roots and apply mascara.
2. For mascara application, you should apply mascara to the tip of the lashes, wait for it to dry, then apply from the roots to the tip. For the lashes nearer to the nose, you should apply the mascara towards the nose, whereas for the lashes on the other side, you should apply the mascara towards the side of your face. This totally brought out the model's eyes on the stage yesterday. NO EYELINER OMG! Everyone should try!
3. For pore concealer, make an exception and apply from top to bottom. You should only focus on areas with super enlarged pores if you don't want a pimple outbreak. Always apply BB cream/foundation/powder after using pore concealer because your pores will look the same if you don't.
4. When spraying something cold onto your face, place the nozzle about 20-30cm away from your face. If not, spray onto a cotton pad before placing on your face.
5. When applying blusher, apply using brush from under the apples of the cheek, following the curve of the Nike tick. This will probably slim the face or create a more 3D effect.

That's it! It's not very typical that i do this kind of wordy post! Hope this has been useful for you!
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